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Common Supplies Used When Serving Popcorn at a Long Beach Special Event

Popcorn is a treat for almost any occasion. It can be enjoyed while watching movies at home or used in treats that you give as gifts. It’s also an easy food to fix for large events, such as carnivals or fundraisers. If you’re planning an event where popcorn could be on the menu, then consider getting popcorn supplies wholesale so that you have more products on hand without spending as much money as you would if you were buying individual supplies of each item.

The Right Machine

One of the main components of making popcorn is a machine. You can get several small machines if you want to make popcorn in different flavors or one or two larger machines if you want to make the same flavor for everyone. When you’re looking at machines, consider getting one that has the tub for the kernels at the top so that the popcorn can flow over to the space below. This will make it easier to scoop the popcorn when it’s ready to be served.


When you begin getting popcorn supplies wholesale, bags are among the first things that you should purchase as you’re going to need some type of container for everyone to hold. There are also small cups that you can purchase that are designed to look like popcorn bags. Buckets are an option to consider as well so that everyone can get the amount that they want.

Keeping Kernels

Another wholesale purchase that you can make would be popcorn kernels. You can get a large bag of kernels and store them until they are needed since they usually don’t go bad. There are kits that you can get that have oil and salt in them along with the kernels. This would be beneficial so that you don’t forget any of the supplies that are needed.

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