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Dog Boarding is the Perfect Solution for When You are Away from Home

Are you preparing for a trip that will take you away from home for several days? Perhaps, you work full-time and dread the thought of leaving your dog home alone while you are away. Whatever the reason is that a pet owner must be away from home, they do not like the idea of their pet being left alone. Fortunately, dog boarding in Great Falls, MT offers a solution for pet owners when they need to be away from their fur baby. For short or long periods, there are services available to help meet their pet care needs.

Advantages of Using a Boarding Service

  • They will receive attention from a professional that is devoted to providing pets with the TLC they deserve.
  • Pet owners do not have to worry about their dogs being locked away for several hours a day.
  • They will have access to spacious rooms that are climate controlled to ensure the dog is comfortable.
  • Dog boarding in Great Falls, MT provides an opportunity to socialize with other dogs.
  • Pet boarding facilities offer a large area for them to run and play in which is vital to keeping a dog happy.

Have Peace of Mind that Your Dog is Safe

As a pet owner, you want to know that your dog is happy and healthy even when you are away from them. Happy Tails Lodge can give you the peace of mind you need whether you are away on a trip or at work. They offer a variety of services at an affordable price to provide a solution for pet owners when they cannot be at home. Whether they require time for their pet to play with other dogs or extended stay while on vacation, Happy Tails Lodge has the answer for you need in providing your pet with outstanding care.