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Drone Security

A security threat to you, your personnel or your property could put lives at risk. Instead of having to implement a foot patrol on a 24/7 basis, consider a drone security system Los Angeles CA. A drone security system can operate day and night. You can deploy it all of the time or at random times. It also works well for special events and circumstances, allowing you and law enforcement to get a bird’s eye view of what is happening in an area.

We suggest drone security systems for large public gatherings of all types. Some examples include concerts, protests and demonstrations. We also recommend drone security for other types of large outdoor events. State and county fairs, festivals and other types of events can draw tens of thousands of people. Those people could get unruly if they have to wait for a long time or if there are unexpected delays. If there will be a performance or speech given by someone with controversial views, drone security allows you to get a heads up on any problems that might develop.

When you need to conduct surveillance of parts of your property that are difficult to access on foot or by motor vehicle, our drone security system in Los Angeles CA is a wise choice. The drones can use night vision. Their cameras can capture infrared and turn it into the visible spectrum on the monitor of your choice. You can control them with a remote control or an app on mobile devices. We look forward to meeting with you in person in order to discuss your security needs and to tour your property. Give us at GSG Protective Services a call today. You may also visit us online at Website URL for more details about our full range of security solutions.