Drone Technology – Three Benefits of Using Drone for Security

by | Nov 25, 2019 | Security

If you are living in a spacious property, having security tech drones is one of the best ways to protect your estate. Aside from having individual security officers checking the perimeter, a security drone can be used as another set of eyes when doing a perimeter check. With its 360-view above ground, you can see more and protect more.

Here are three additional benefits of having security tech drones.

You Can Set It to Make Routine Perimeter Check

Advanced security drones are now equipped with this amazing feature – automated. It means it flies on the set time, capture, and transmit data on its own. If there is a need, a pilot can also launch it at a moment’s notice through remote control. Large estates and industrial facilities can take advantage of these high-tech drones.

It Leaves You with No Blind Spots

Roving security personnel can still miss a few spots even if they are actively looking. It is called being human. CCTV’s also have blind spots, especially with its stationary cameras. A security drone doesn’t have one.

When a security drone is flying, it can capture everything underneath it. There are small security drones that can be used to survey small spaces or areas with weird angles. You can even fly a drone in sewerage or areas where security personnel might have a hard time going in.

Provides Protection to Your Personnel

Aside from protecting your property, flying a security drone is also a means to protect your security personnel. With a security drone, you can easily identify if there is a threat outside your security guard’s parameter. Your security drone can serve as a surveillance camera that can survey from afar. Advanced security drones also offer high-resolution surveillance videos hence even at night, you still have a clear sight of the surrounding area.

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