Enjoy Your Time on a Jet Ski With Gear From a Clemson Supply Store

by | Jun 22, 2020 | Business

If you enjoy getting out on the water, there are a few different items that you can use so that you don’t have to swim the entire time. A jet ski is a fun option to consider for one or two people and usually offers plenty of room on the vessel for various types of gear to make being on the water as comfortable as possible.

Safety First

One of the items that you want to have as a part of your jet ski gear is a life vest. Each person on the vehicle should wear a vest in the event that someone falls off or if you encounter issues while on the water. Most jet skis have a compartment under the seat where you can store a vest when you’re not using the vehicle.

Phone Protection

If you plan on taking your phone with you, then put it in a protective case that’s waterproof. Also, consider tying the case to the seat so that it’s secure just in case the jet ski flips over or if you’re traveling at a high rate of speed on the water.


An anchor can be kept in the compartment under your seat so that you can stay in one area while enjoying the sun or while you’re fishing. Another piece of jet ski gear that you could take with the anchor is a small fishing pole and a container of bait so that you can enjoy fishing. While on the jet ski, you can keep a cooler beside your feet or in the seat compartment to store any fish that you might catch.

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