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How to Find the Perfect Catholic Church in Detroit

Have you recently relocated to the Detroit, MI area? If so, you may be in search of everything from new healthcare providers to new schools for your family. For families of faith, it is also important to find a new church right away to rejoin the fellowship. Here are a few tips for finding the right church in Detroit:

Are the Teachings Biblically Sound?

Most churches share their foundational beliefs somewhere easy to find. Look at the church programs, posted on bulletins or simply ask one of the church leaders when you visit a new location. The authority and inherent truth of the Bible should be the basis for any church in Detroit. If it’s not, look elsewhere.

Is Growth Encouraged and Supported?

When you visit a new church, do you feel that you are being encouraged to be part of things by those already in attendance? Churches that are truly serving the Lord should be welcoming to new families and individuals. They should encourage their current members and new attendees alike to grow in their faith and to worship how they see fit. Look for this encouragement and support for the things your family needs to experience growth when you attend a new church. It’s a good sign that you’re on the right track!

What are Your Fellowship Opportunities?

When you have a family, you will want Christian-based fellowship opportunities for every member. Your children should have a place to go to socialize with other young worshipers, just as you and your spouse should be able to mingle with and find support and comfort in the presence of other adult believers. Look for and ask about fellowship and community outreach opportunities when you visit a new church for the first time to find out if you’re looking in the right direction for a location for your family to worship.