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Free Up Space With A Storage Unit In Halethorpe

Sometimes a little extra space is all a home needs to unclutter. Growing families can quickly run out of a room with children in a home. Over the holidays, a home can feel even more cramped once the decorations go up and company arrives. That problem can be quickly solved by taking items and placing them in a storage unit in Halethorpe. Sizes can range from a four 4×4 foot unit to 7×12 foot unit. The units have drive-up access which means there’s never a reason to be moving personal items through halls. They are secure, and you can place a lock on the unit and keep the key.

When there’s a remodeling project, it’s often a concern about the construction dirt settling on furniture and items in the home. A container storage unit in Halethorpe would be a good place to secure items until the remodeling project is complete. These container units can vary in sizes from 8×8 foot container to an 8×40 foot container. When considering placing items into storage, it’s always recommended to have a list of the items when viewing a storage. The facility manager can quickly determine what space will be needed for the items that are being stored.

One thing to remember is although furniture may be in a 10×10 room does not mean that the space needs to be a 10×10 space. When packing a storage unit, heavy items should always be placed on the bottom. Furniture should be covered to protect it from dust. Placing items in sturdy boxes can eliminate additional space being needed. Individuals that are relocating will often need to remove extra items from the home to place it for sale. Items that you’re not planning on moving should be donated or sold to eliminate renting unnecessary space.

Commercial customers can also benefit from renting a storage unit. Excess items in an office or building can free valuable space that can be better utilized for something more important. S&E Mini Storage in Halethorpe has building and container storage available for homeowners or commercial customers.

Working with the facility manager will eliminate the stress that’s involved in moving and choosing the correctly sized unit. For more information, please feel free to Visit the Website.