Friends, Relatives and Neighbors May Schedule Convenient Mobile Shredding in Irvine as a Group

by | Jul 1, 2016 | Business

An individual may be interested in having a service that does Mobile Shredding in Irvine come to the home and effectively eradicates private documents such as old income tax forms, medical bills, and credit card statements. However, this person may be living on a tight budget and can’t figure out how to afford the fee, even if that fee is very reasonable. One possibility would be to have some friends and relatives add their shredding needs to the pile and split the cost. Another would be to organize a community event for the neighborhood in which everyone could get their personal documents shredded for a combined discounted rate.

Community shredding events are becoming increasingly common as individuals worry about identity theft and loss of privacy. In years past, people might have just thrown old bills into the garbage, but now they worry that someone might actually go dumpster diving or dig through bags in a landfill, looking for personal information. This may seem outlandish on the surface, but would-be identity thieves know how valuable those names and numbers are. They might pay somebody to do the dirty work, then gleefully search through the retrieved paper loot in a search for names, addresses, birth dates, social security numbers and account numbers. Even if someone doesn’t become a victim of identity theft, this person probably doesn’t want privacy violated in matters such as medical records and income tax.

Mobile Shredding in Irvine prevents that from occurring. People in a neighborhood can take a few weeks to determine who wants to participate, gather the cash, and organize a time and date with a shredding service such as Shred Confidential. Not only does everyone safely get rid of personal financial and other private paperwork, but some persons are also likely to clear out a fair amount of clutter with this activity. Many people have stored up cardboard boxes and plastic totes filled with old paperwork that they simply have never gotten around to destroying. In fact, many middle-aged and older individuals still hang onto their deceased parents’ old paperwork that those individuals had never thrown out.

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