Homeowners Are Using Propane in Utah to Protect the Environment

by | Jan 15, 2021 | Propane Supplier

Gas appliance repair in Kamas, Utah, is commonly sought after by homeowners who choose to use propane. This is not because propane tanks are prone to break down.

The truth is that most homeowners and business owners will probably only need gas appliance repair in Kamas, Utah, a handful of times in their life. The reason why there is a thriving repair business is that propane is popular in the state. Part of propane’s popularity stems from the fact that it has been shown to be safe for the environment. Since the year 1990, propane has been identified as a clean fuel. Both the Clean Air Act and the Energy Policy Act have identified propane to be clean.

The nice thing about propane is that it burns cleaner than other types of fossil fuel. It does not contaminate groundwater, nor does it contaminate the soil. This is due in part to the fact that propane’s carbon content is low. It produces little to no emissions. Propane is a key component in building and maintaining an environmentally-friendly home. Some people run their entire home completely on propane. They see it as an effective way to stay off of the grid and minimize their carbon impact.

However, propane can also serve as a complementary energy source. Electricity use can be reduced with more propane being used.

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