How Corrosion Affects Pipelines and U.S Oilfield Services Companies

by | Jan 12, 2022 | Business

When a pipeline corrodes, it will eventually fail. Continue reading and learn why a corroded pipe is a threat for an oilfield service company.

Details About Pipe Corrosion Problems and How it Affects Businesses

Pipeline corrosion deteriorates different surfaces the inside of a pipe. It occurs when a pipe triggers a chemical reaction in a working environment.

In the United States, corroded pipelines hurt the economy. From an annual standpoint, the biggest concern is costly pipeline repairs. There are direct and indirect repair costs. This is why the annual total has exceeded a billion dollar.

Underground pipes, buried pipes, and underwater pipelines can corrode if they’re not protected. To protect the economy, the federal government has passed laws for oil and gas companies. According to the regulations, all pipeline businesses must put protective coatings on their pipes, and they must use the latest cathodic protection techniques.

Understanding the Corrosion Process

When a metal material corrodes, an electrochemical reaction will occur. In the pipeline industry, the corrosion process will vary based on many internal and external factors. Some factors can be controlled. For example, it’s possible to prevent corrosion by

  • Selecting a good working environment
  • Regulating moisture around all buried pipes
  • Burying strong pipes in quality soil

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