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How Document Attestation for China Benefits Travelers

If you’re about to step on the plane for China, you’d better have your documents attested. Whether for work, study, opening a business or otherwise, travelers to China are always asked for their documents. Below are some of the examples of document attestation for China you may need.

Mandatory Requirements

If you’re traveling as an educator or to attend a school, you need to show your school and college certificates. For a job, you need to present your employment records. If you’re traveling to China to move there with your spouse, you need to show marriage certificates. All of these are mandatory papers needed for document attestation for China.


As a traveler needing document attestation for China, you need to prove your documents’ authenticity with a Document Scanning Service and Document Attestation Process. These require a stamped seal if they are to be universally accepted. The Hague Convention in October 1961 made a treaty that simplified the document attestation process down to one procedure. Those wishing to obtain document attestation, or an apostille, must gather their documents and send them to the appropriate official in their country.

These days, document attestation has been made simple with US Authentication Services. For fast, reliable and secure document apostille, authentication and embassy legalization services, contact them for all your document needs.