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How to Create a Drilling Strategy to Reduce Costs and Enhance Efficiency

With exposure to high risks, costly mistakes are common in the oil and gas industry. As a result, it’s critical to utilize the latest technology and techniques to not only ensure viability but also sustainability. Maybe you’re a drilling engineer and you’ve been asked to create and implement a sound strategy to optimize your operations. Great. But where do you start?

The Key to Success is in the Data

In addition to experience and skill, developing a sustainable and cost-saving plan requires highly accurate data. Be sure to consider using drilling surveillance solutions that integrate data quality control and make use of historical information to identify risk zone, trends, and patterns. This will provide you with a broad overview of your current design and will help you target areas of improvement to increase efficiency while optimizing processes to help reduce costs.

Build a Complete and Robust Drilling Data System

So, you’ve compiled a list of equipment to collect and harvest pertinent drilling data, but have yet to find a complete solution that includes data storage and analysis. To create a complete and robust system, consider using cloud-based software that offers full integration capabilities. Your drilling data ecosystem should also include geology monitoring solutions and rig efficiency KPIs.

Who to Trust for All-in-One Solutions

If you’re looking for a company that will meet your complete real-time drilling needs but are unsure of who to turn to, here is a little trade secret. When searching for and choosing a company that offers all-in-one real-time drilling data systems, select the one that is dedicated to offering the quantifiable operational results you want. By choosing this type of company, you will be provided with high-quality customized solutions for your drilling application that you can rely on.

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