How to Use a Cardboard Viewer for Virtual Reality

by | Jul 17, 2020 | Mobile Phone Accessories

If you are interested in experiencing virtual reality, you may not be ready to invest in a high end headset just yet. Cardboard virtual reality headsets provide the same effect at a fraction of the cost. Read on to learn more about them below.

Put Your Headset Together

Choosing a cardboard viewer to experience virtual reality requires some minor assembly. Most cardboard viewers simply require you to fold and slide the pieces into place. Most people can put one together without any assistance and it takes less than five minutes. Once your headset is together, you can start using apps or watching videos made for virtual reality.

Try Different Forms of Media

There are many different types of media sources available for virtual reality. Apps, games and videos are among the most popular choices. You can find media that is made specifically for virtual reality headsets to maximize your experience. Be careful with head movements though. Sometimes, sudden jerks and excessive movement can cause the lens to slip out of place. Cardboard headsets are remarkably durable and drop resistant, but can be susceptible to damages if not properly cared for.

Virtual reality is becoming increasingly popular. If you are new to it, consider a cardboard headset as an entry level way into this immersive technology. DODOcase VR is proud to offer leading cardboard virtual reality headsets that can be customized with your own graphics, text and more.

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