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Important Things To Know About Sending Sympathy Flowers in Miami

Sending flowers is a classy and attractive way to offer condolences when someone passes away. Flowers show the loved ones of the deceased that you are thoughtful and that you care. Furthermore, there is a long human tradition of offering flowers when someone dies because of the beauty and color flowers bring during a sad time and because flowers symbolize love and eternity. There are just few things to consider when ordering unique flower arrangements Miami Fl and elsewhere.

Funeral flowers versus sympathy flowers

Funeral flowers are delivered directly to the funeral home itself. They are meant to be a direct tribute to the deceased. A florist will be able to suggest specific arrangements, and this information is generally displayed on the business website for convenience.

Sympathy flowers, on the other hand, are meant for the loved ones of the deceased and are generally sent to wherever they live or work. Sympathy flower arrangements are usually smaller than funeral flower arrangements.

Other considerations

If you hear about a death days after it occurred, it’s still not too late to send flowers. Some worry that sending flowers days after a death can indicate that they didn’t care enough to send them earlier, but the truth is that there is no wrong time to send sympathy flowers. Some families request that donations to charity be sent in lieu of flowers. If you want to send flowers as well as make a donation, that’s absolutely fine. Your thoughtfulness will be noticed.

It’s always okay to send bright, cheerful flowers even though the occasion is somber because flowers symbolize a celebration of the life lived out. Flowers for the casket itself are usually ordered by the family of the deceased. For unique flower arrangements Miami Fl contact Flowers & Sympathy.