Jeffersontown Child Care: Unlocking the Benefits of Quality Early Childhood Education

by | Apr 11, 2023 | Education

Many parents wonder if going back to work and leaving their children in Jeffersontown Child Care is worth it. They worry about someone else raising their child or children, as well as if their kids will enjoy a child care center. Today’s daycare and early learning centers are completely different from those of the past. Today, early childhood learning centers are more than just babysitters and more like mini preschools for the smallest of kids. They are positive and educational, and parents should not doubt the great benefits that can come from using this type of center.

Jeffersontown Child Care now focus on education. Even infants are given toys and do activities to stimulate their mind and promote early learning. Toddlers learn more than coloring skills; they start learning the alphabet and their letters. In the past, kids did not learn how to write their name or start reading until grade K or even first grade. Now, preschools and daycare centers are teaching kids to write their names early and are building a strong foundation for reading skills. Many kids learn basic words at age three and four now, and some go off to public kindergarten reading way ahead of the rest of their class.

As you can see, the educational benefits are immense. Most kids who stay home with their parents color, watch some educational shows, and play. A Jeffersontown Child Care can also help with social skills. Kids who are around other kids learn so much about people, life, and getting along with others. They learn sharing and learn how to play with other kids. They can make friends, learn how to take turns, and learn how to read emotional cues from other people.

Some kids who have only been around their parents and siblings go to public schools a bit lost. Most kids who were in a public Jeffersontown Child Care setting go to school with the skills they need to make friends on the very first day. They may not have that clingy panicky feeling that many kids get because they are accustomed to a daycare setting. They know that, at the end of the day mom, dad, or a grandparent will pick them up just as they always have been. For more information visit A to Z Learning Center and Child Care.

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