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Orbital Wrapping Machines Are the Rage in Industrial Packaging Equipment

The traditional shrink wrapper is arguably the most time consuming and costly machine among industrial packaging equipment. The standard variety works manually or uses electricity to create heat, requiring workers to circle a loaded pallet on foot. New-wave machines like the orbital wrapping machine perform the same process without heat and shrink wrap entire loaded pallets in record time.

What is an Orbital Wrapping Machine?

An orbital wrapping machine boasts a large, open cylinder into which an operator inserts a loaded pallet using a forklift. After securing a shrink wrap feed to the pallet, the operator turns the wrapper on and backs out of the cylinder slowly with the pallet still in place on the forklift.

As the operator backs out of the cylinder, the entire cylinder rotates around the pallet, securing the pallet and load into a cohesive whole along a vertical axis. Traditional industrial packaging equipment like manual shrink wrappers compel workers to move along a horizontal axis, encasing a loaded pallet in overlapping horizontal layers of shrink wrap.

During shipping, these layers can become loose and product can shift, potentially incurring freight damage claims. With an orbital wrapping machine, shrink wrap surrounds the entire loaded pallet from top to bottom, including the pallet itself, creating a solidly wrapped mound. Large and oddly shaped loads are not a problem, and the process of wrapping a load takes about 60 seconds.

Ergonomic Design

New-wave industrial packaging equipment like orbital wrapping machines boast ergonomic design for easy, safe operation. Operation and emergency stops are a cinch with corded and wireless remote control activation. Plus, the swiftness and efficiency of the machine cuts costs on labor, the required number of workers and potential freight damage.

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