People New To Climate Controlled Self Storage Want To Know The Big Deal. This Is It

by | Nov 13, 2019 | Storage Service

Many homeowners selling their homes stage them for quicker sale and a better selling price. These homeowners store their belongings so they can use temporary furnishings in the staging. Some are new to climate controlled storage facilities. New users often wonder what the big deal is about climate control.

What Is Climate Control?

Humidity is the amount of moisture the air can hold. Some storage units only keep the temperature steady. Others control the humidity in the air with A/C and dehumidifiers. Climate control uses these to remove humidity from the air and keep the temperature cool enough to retard damaging conditions.

How Does Humidity Damage Stored Items?

Many homeowners have delicate luxury items such as furnishings covered in silks, brocades, velvets, and like textiles. Antique wood furnishings are delicate, depending on the age of the wood. These things encounter mold in high-humidity conditions. The moisture also warps the wood of the furnishings. This is really the big deal about climate controlled storage facilities – this won’t happen to your belongings.

What Is The Optimal Humidity Level?

Most air conditioned houses average out to 35 to 40 percent relative humidity. When it gets above 55 percent, trouble starts to happen. Climate controlled storage units use 55 percent as their base. Tenants with delicate or antique belongings can always specify their needs, and storage units will comply happily.

What Items Require Climate Controlled Storage?

Do you have an old 78, 33, 45, cassette tape, and/or eight-track tape collection? Do you have CD’s and DVD’s? These are delicate despite their appearance and method of storage. They require humidity control to prevent warping and other damages. Likewise, musical instruments, the electronics on which the vinyl and tapes are played, paper, fabrics, some metals, and art works need special care. Contact SecureSpace Self Storage Titusville at website to learn if your belongings need humidity controlled storage.

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