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Pointillism in Modern Art Paintings

Modern art can best be described as experimental art. It is an evolving art form that can be portrayed in various ways. The use of shading, non-traditional textiles and unique painting methods makes this art style stand out. One significant way to see this difference of experimentation is through pointillism. Pointillism, or the use of small painted dots or points in artwork, is used to create a larger picture in this artform. There are two main artists that originated the artwork within this genre. French artists Georges-Pierre Seurat and Paul Signac. Their pieces are some of the most famous modern art works in pointillism and show the viewer of the paintings how complex the art can be.

Georges-Pierre Seurat

Painted by Seurat, “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte” is a front runner in the modern art movement of pointillism. This style can be viewed in many galleries, including Chicago modern art galleries. This painting style was a fascinating way to show a modern art.

Seurat’s painting is a popular example of the beauty within the movement. This was a large piece of work, showing a calming scene of the Seine River and its inhabitants.

Paul Signac

Signac was also a founder of the pointillism movement. One of his most famous paintings, “The Pine Tree at St. Tropez”, exhibited his mastery in this genre. This painting was made with dabs of paint to create the large and stately tree.  The use of bright and lively colors was a staple in his artwork and can be seen in the picture as well.  As a colleague of Seurat, he often looked to him for inspiration in his works.

Signac’s painting evoked an overwhelming grandiosity. The fact that it was made by dabs of paint just adds to the magnificence of the piece.

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