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Reasons to Consider a Boom Spray

Many industries can benefit from using a boom spray, sometimes called a sprayer. These products are designed to make life a little easier because they take a lot of the work out of your job.

You fill a cartage tank with the appropriate liquid, such as fertiliser, weed killer, or water, and the booms attach to the tank using a hose and attachment product. You can also set the sprayer to almost any feature, such as light mists, jet sprays, and more.

While many people think that backpack sprayers are the most suitable option because it allows them to have both hands free, they may not be ideal for large areas of the land. If you have seemingly endless acreage, walking the lot may seem like an insurmountable task to whichever employee you’ve designated to do the work. Instead, you can drive slowly through the rows of crops, ensuring that each plant gets sprayed thoroughly (but not overly sprayed).

Along with such, these sprayers are designed so that you do not waste product. While you are going to the location or not spraying a particular area, you can shut off the sprayer action, saving the liquid and keeping your crops safe.

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