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The Relationship Between Chemical Supply and the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare and hospital industries are often the industries in the direst need of the correct cleaning agents. Hospitals have higher standards for cleanliness than almost anywhere else in the world, and it can be stressful for hospital administrators to find a cleaning chemical to put their complete faith in. The relationship between chemical supply companies and the healthcare industry has come a long way, and it can be interesting to note just how far they’ve come. Advanced Chemical Solutions in healthcare cleaning and chemical supply solutions go hand in hand, and A.C.S. is proud to be a reliable supplier of the right kind of cleaning products for health facilities everywhere.

The Challenge of Disinfectants

It might go without saying, but hospitals and medical facilities need to be disinfected on a highly consistent basis. Medical professionals want a cleaning solution that is both efficient and functional on the surfaces it is to be used on. The duty of a chemical supply company is to provide the perfect chemical that will successfully disinfect areas, reduce the risk of infection and disease, but also protect the surface and cleaning equipment from any harm or damage due to the chemical.

The Training of Staff Members

After the perfect cleaning solution has been found for the medical facility, there then lies the problem of proper use. A lot of staff members and janitorial workers will simply apply the disinfectant and then immediately wipe it off. However, a lot of chemicals require a “dwell” time in order to be rendered effective. If the chemical is wiped off right away, it will not properly sink into the surface and disinfect the area. Steps have been made in the relationship between chemical supply companies and healthcare professionals to properly train staff members on how to use each and every chemical.

Our Proactive Stance

Advanced Chemical Solutions takes a very proactive stance in helping healthcare facilities use the best products possible. We will visit our customers across hospitals and medical facilities everywhere, making sure that the job is getting done right and that the chemical supply solutions are effective. The relationship between chemical companies and healthcare industries is growing ever closer, and we are proud to be a part of that establishment of trust. If you are a healthcare provider, and you are looking for the best industrial cleaners for your disinfectant needs, contact us.