Should You Choose Direct or Full-Service Cremation?

by | Jan 17, 2024 | Funeral Services

Cremation is an excellent choice for many modern families. When a loved one passes away, cremation allows families to mourn and celebrate their lives without incurring a massive financial burden. However, certain types of cremation are more affordable than others.

Direct cremation is a basic, no-frills option, while full-service cremation is a way to have a more traditional service. Comparing what each of these types of cremation offers will help you decide whether the additional funeral cremation cost in Brownstown is worth it for your family.

Direct cremation benefits

Direct cremation has long been a beneficial option for families on a tight budget. Likewise, it offers a great burial solution for those who plan to bury a loved one far from home and was popular during the height of the pandemic for those avoiding gatherings.

However, direct cremation does lose much of the personal touch many families look forward to adding to a funeral service. Since direct cremation involves only the cremation process itself, as well as delivering the ashes to the family or the internment site, any additional ceremony is up to the family or friends themselves. For those who want help in planning and hosting funeral events, this may be a drawback too large to overcome.

Full-Service Cremation Benefits

Full-service cremation is much closer to what most people expect from a funeral service. This involves everything a direct cremation offers, as well as any other funeral service elements a person might want.

The biggest benefit of full-service cremation is the chance to celebrate and mourn with others in a traditional way. For many families, this is a very important part of the process of grieving. Every additional element of the funeral service does incur additional costs, though, so budgeting carefully is an important part of planning your loved one’s service.

The type of cremation your family chooses for your loved one is a deeply personal choice. Being well-informed of costs and benefits is just another way to ensure that you make the best one possible. To learn more contact Our Lady of Hope Cemetery today.

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