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The Advantages of Using High Speed Machining In Your Business

High-speed machining (HSM) is an advanced method of generating parts by a machine that does not require a lathe. Instead, this manufacturing process reduces or eliminates the need for tooling during production. Don’t be daunted by that, though! Essentially HSM works with any kind of material and lets you produce virtually anything to exact specifications while holding tight tolerances.

Many manufacturing companies use high speed machining Ohio because it improves part consistency, especially compared to conventional machining methods. However, even other advanced processes like wire EDM still require dedicated tooling, which can sometimes lead to inconsistent dimensions on different parts even if they are using the same jigs.

High-speed machining can provide consistent results because it uses a fixed cutter instead of tooling, allowing the machine to automatically compensate for part tolerance variations and produce much more accurate components in less time.

Maybe you’re worried that this process is too complicated or only available to larger businesses with an entire department devoted to manufacturing? Don’t be!

High speed machining Ohio is easy enough for most small shops or even hobbyists to learn how to use. In addition, you can build your own parts from scratch using virtually any material, from soft plastics like PVC to hard metals such as steel, aluminum, brass, or bronze. So no matter what kind of work you’re doing now or if you just need some added flexibility in your existing materials, HSM can have a big impact.

One of the biggest advantages of high-speed machining is that you can build parts that would be impossible with any other method by making full use of the available cutting edges. Find out more about the benefits of high speed machining. Visit Advance CNC Machining online at