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The Advantages Plastic Injection Molding Has Over Other Methods in Canada

When you need plastic parts produced, no matter what they are being used for, injection molding is the clear winner. There is definitely a reason why so many top companies choose plastic injection molding in Saskatchewan.

Fast Production

The speed parts can be made at with the injection mold method is far quicker than any other method currently available. Since speed is a factor when it comes to most forms of production, this makes the injection mold process a prime choice for companies that need their orders completed quickly.


When the injection molding process is used, incredibly complex parts can be manufactured easily. This makes it ideal for industries such as aerospace and high-tech, where the need for smaller and more complex parts increases almost daily.


With injection molding, it is easy to adjust certain specifications “on the fly” if the initial design does not have the strength originally anticipated. One thing that can help with this is the knowledge of what the customer will be doing with the part. This gives the design engineer more to work with when shaping the specifications.


During any production run, there will be waste generated. Since you are dealing with plastic injection molding in Saskatchewan, there will obviously be plastic waste to contend with. Make sure you have a recycling plan in place so you can live up to any green initiative your company may have.

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