The Distinct Advantages of an NYC Virtual Address For a Home-Based Business

by | Feb 24, 2022 | Financial and Insurance

Many men and women have left their traditional jobs during the pandemic in a quest to work remotely. For some, that meant finally starting a business they had been considering for a long time. A virtual address for a business in NYC is advantageous for individuals who do not have an office outside the home.

Relevant Statistics

The years 2020 and 2021 saw record numbers of new business applications in the United States. More than 4 million were filed in 2020 and more than 5 million in 2021, according to National Public Radio. Many entrepreneurs were not only inspired to leave a standard job because of the pandemic but were better able to do so with stimulus check money.

The Distinct Advantages

A virtual business address conveys a more professional impression compared with using a residential location. When consumers realize the business address is in a residential neighborhood, they may get an image of someone working in a basement office or guest bedroom.

In addition, some consumers are a bit wary of purchasing from an organization that only has a post office box number and no brick-and-mortar address. They feel skeptical about whether the organization actually exists.

Receiving Mail

With a virtual address for a business in NYC, the customer has options for receiving mail. If it’s convenient, the customer can pick up the mail. Otherwise, the company will deliver the mail or open and scan it for emailing.

Details on one company providing this service can be viewed at SaGE Workspace.

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