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Three Things To Know Before Ordering From A Food Wholesaler

Ideally, choosing a food wholesaler should be a one-time task. This allows you to focus on running your food service, retail, or restaurant without having to worry about the quality of food, delivery delays, or wholesalers that promise items are in stock and then fail to have them included in the order.

Research Your Options

Working with an experienced food wholesaler with a solid reputation for customer service and support is always the best option. These companies make it a priority to provide open communication with their customers. They also understand the customer’s orders and can provide the products that are the right match for menus, retail outlets, institutes, gourmet shops, and all types of food service businesses.

When considering a food wholesaler, take the time to:

Review their inventory – product catalogues make it easy to look at the selection and regular inventory the wholesaler stocks. Most of these wholesalers also offer specialty seasonal products and unique items that other distributors may not offer. Knowing what you need throughout the year is important when comparing your options in wholesalers.

Review pricing – the cheapest wholesaler is not always the best choice. Look for a distributor that offers both superior quality products, top customer service, and competitive pricing.

Delivery options – not all wholesalers offer the same delivery schedule. The less frequent the delivery schedule, the greater the capacity to store perishable items required at your location.

Comparing several wholesalers is helpful in determining which company provides the products, services, and customer support that is the right match for your business.

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