Tips for Choosing the Best Clothing Labels

by | Jun 29, 2022 | Labels

Personalized clothing labels are an ideal solution to ensure your child doesn’t forget their belongings. You’ll find many options, making choosing the best for your needs challenging. The following tips will help you find the best clothing labels to ensure the desired results.

Complete Customization

Customization is an essential factor when searching for clothing labels. Their purpose is to distinguish your child’s belongings from everyone else’s. The labels come in various designs and allow you to customize them. In addition to your child’s name, you can include their address and phone number to help return lost items.

Application Methods

Another thing to consider when choosing clothing labels is how you apply them. Older methods like iron-on and sew-in labels are still available but aren’t always the best. Stick-on labels are among the easiest to use. These labels have a strong adhesive that sticks well to all materials and won’t come loose when washing. They’re one of the most straightforward solutions to label your child’s clothes for long-lasting results.


Quality is critical when choosing clothing labels. Some labels use subpar inks that fade over time or materials that crack or shred in the wash. The best clothing labels hold up well in the wash with ink that won’t fade or bleed. High-quality labels hold up in the washing machine without worrying about coming loose or fading until they are unreadable.

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