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Tips For Maintaining Belden Brick Pavers

When a homeowner installs a new, Belden Brick Pavers pathway, there is no question it is going to look great. However, over time, due to consistent wear and tear and weeds, the concrete blocks can appear worn down and old. With proper maintenance, however, a homeowner can easily keep their paver area looking great and prevent damage such as shifting and cracking of the individual pavers. The initial work that goes into maintaining the pavers will help a homeowner save time and effort down the road and avoid having to replace some of the individual pavers.

The first step to maintaining Belden Brick Pavers is to fill in the cracks between each paver with polymeric sand. This is sand that will become hard when it gets wet. It is a special type of sand and works to hold the pavers in their proper place and prevent weeds from growing up in between each of the bricks.

The next step will be to sweep dirt and debris off of the pavers. Removing this material will keep them clean and help to reduce the risk of staining on the surface of the brick. When these debris are removed, it will also prevent a slip and fall from someone using the pathway.

Every week be sure to wash away any accumulated grime by spraying the pavers down with a water hose. Don’t direct the spray right into the joints, since it can make the sand move, especially if a homeowner uses regular sand. If there are stains on the pavers, then it may be necessary to scrub the surface with a mild detergent that is missed with water.

The last step to properly maintain these pavers is to seal them every two to three years. The sealant needs to be applied evenly for best results. When the pavers are sealed, they will be protected from various environmental factors and staining will be prevented.

For help with care and maintenance of brick pavers, be sure to contact the staff from FGM Landsacping & Brick Pavers. They can provide more advice and give tips on additional maintenance that can be done to extend the longevity of these pavers. In the long run, putting in some time and effort now will help a homeowner save time and money down the road. You can follow them on Twitter for more updates!