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Tips to Maintain the Health of Fountain Grass in Homestead, FL

The mound-like shape of fountain grass is immediately recognizable in any setting. However, fountain grass will only achieve this beautiful look if it is cared for appropriately. See what you need to know about caring for fountain grass in Florida.

Know the Basics of Fountain Grass

Before you can adequately care for any plant, you should know something about its nature. Fountain grass is a perennial, ornamental grass. It starts to grow its globe-like shape in the later summer. You can expect the growth of this plant to continue into the fall for some time. The foliage will continue to impress into the winter months as well. Expect to see small specks of flowers in purple, pink or beige-colored hues.

Starting Care

Contrary to popular belief, fountain grass is incredibly easy to grow and care for. It is known for adapting well to almost any environment, or soil. It is best to plant
fountain grass in Florida in sunny areas where it can benefit from the warm heat. Also, you should attempt to cut away foliage before the blooming season to help new flowers to sprout. Finally, fountain grass does not need to be on a regular watering cycle to support its growth. Sounds easy enough, right?

Dividing Fountain Grass Sections

If you find that the fountain grass is growing too much, try dividing it up. You can transplant sections of this grass by digging it up from certain areas. It can then be replanted in other parts of your yard to enhance the overall appearance. If you try the division method, be sure to do so following the growing season, or before growing even starts in the spring.

Deciding on Fountain Grass

If you are looking for a new type of plant for your yard, fountain grass is a great choice. It truly adds a unique look to any garden. Also, it is a relatively low maintenance means that you can concentrate your efforts on other plant life.