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Tired of the Old CA OSHA Training? Try Something Different with Hazwoper

OSHA training is typically an annual requirement for most jobs here in California. However, if you have been delivering the same canned OSHA training year after year, chances are that your employees doze off the minute you start the training session. Why not change things up a bit with a Hazwoper certification in Orange County, CA. safety training? Everything you want to know about Hazwoper certification safety training and how to get started is within your grasp.

Everything You Want to Know About Hazwoper Certification Safety Training

First off, Hazwoper stands for HAZardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response. It is part of an effective HAZMAT team or HAZMAT training in the event that something goes really wrong in your factory or industry. Unlike other training that just lectures about dangers and signage, this training goes beyond that and incorporates some of the chemical and material knowledge official HAZMAT teams have. Certification in this training means that the majority of employees who complete it will be able to save lives if and when an incident occurs.

It Can Be Taken Online

The training can be taken online during an employee’s free time. If your company only allows training to be conducted while the employees are signed into work, you can schedule days and times for groups to take the online training together. Otherwise, an employee can take the training off the clock and turn in the certificate of completion to receive payment for the course and hours spent. For information on how to enroll, contact ROI Safety Services via