Upgrade Your Company’s Hygiene and Safety With an Illinois-Based Solution

by | May 6, 2020 | Business

Every business owner knows keeping up with the times, and consumer needs, will produce longevity and profits in the long run. What worked in the past may have been effective then, but new upgrades are always necessary. Those in food handling and other extremely hygiene-critical industries must consider stainless conveyor rollers.

Stainless Is More Hygienic

Conveyor rollers are the unsung mechanical heroes of many industries. They help manufacturing facilities, large scale kitchens and even small businesses move a lot of material very fast.

Some manufacturers and business owners can relax concerns for spills, wasted materials and broken containers. However, food and chemical handlers must consider workers or customers can suffer bacterial infections, poisoning and more from their processes. Stainless conveyor rollers are nonporous. Routine and deep cleans are much more effective.

Solve Your Water Problem

If your business deals with materials and products which gather condensation, then stainless conveyor rollers are water-resistant. This is an added bonus to protecting conveyor rollers and belts against spills. The protection prevents worker falls and dangerous messes.

Safe In Other Ways

Stainless rollers can bear more weight than other cost-effective solutions. That extra strength guards your business against costly, and potentially catastrophic, accidents. These rollers are also less susceptible to corrosion, penetration and reactions from hazardous materials, harsh chemicals or dirt.

If you need conveyor rollers for your impending upgrade or present facility design needs, explore the wide range of solutions offered by Conveyor Rollers by Conveyor Systems & Engineering, Inc.

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