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What Do Commercial Clients Need to Know About Cloud Video in San Antonio, TX

Cloud Video in San Antonio, TX

Crime and theft prevention depends on cloud video in San Antonio, TX. Without it, you cannot access your files while away at work or driving in the car. Business owners require the best to protect their companies, and this company delivers.

Intrusion Systems

A verified intrusion system detects intruders, unlike conventional alarms. Since these cloud-based alarm systems use video, they convey more information when an alarm sounds. Monitoring professionals can see inside the building, determining the threat type. They can disengage it from a distance, saving corporate resources if it is a false alarm.

Here are a few advantages of using their commercial alarm system:

  • Verified Alarms
  • Low False Alarm Rate
  • Exclusive $10,000 Loss Guarantee
  • 6-Month Satisfaction Guarantee

Camera Systems

Their state-of-the-art CCTV system provides crystal clear images using IP cameras. Cloud video delivers remote access; you can see what is happening anywhere.

Here are a few of their camera system’s features:

  • Custom HD Resolutions
  • License Plate Recognition
  • Color Videos at Night
  • Thermal Cams
  • Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras
  • Remote Monitoring
  • NVR Health Monitoring

If you have checked to find a video but have been unable to, this provider is for you. Their camera package stays online, and it records continuously. Furthermore, they can provide active health monitoring, so you know which cameras work.

Fire Control

Fire detection devices may be integrated with the security package. These detect when and where fires occur, and then they alert the fire department.