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What to Look for in Christmas LED Lighting

While Christmas rapidly approaches, you still have a bit of time left to find Christmas light installers in Dallas and get your LED holiday lights strung up along your home. Before you get the ball rolling, however, it’s important to know how to search for the right types of lights in the first place. Not all sets of LED Christmas lights are the same. You want to make the best possible investment so you don’t have to go Christmas light shopping again for a good while.

Power Distribution

The type of circuitry powering your Christmas lights makes all the difference. The best types of Christmas lights feature a constant current that keeps your bulbs steadily powered at all times, no matter the changes in voltage or outdoor temperatures.


Christmas lights that burn out too quickly are worse than buying no Christmas lights at all. No one wants to go to the trouble of hiring Christmas light installers in Dallas to set up their lighting outside their home only to realize after the fact the bulbs have died. Ideally, you should try to look for holiday light sets that last between 50,000 hours and 100,000 hours. This measure to between five and 11 years. A lifespan this long means it’ll be quite a while before you need to buy new Christmas lights for your home.


Different sets of LED Christmas lights have varying wattages. Most Christmas light installers in Dallas recommend you get lighting with a wattage measuring no less than between three and five watts. These types of Christmas lights provide you with all the brightness you need to give off the decorative effect you desire. Best of all, this particular wattage can be found in many LED lighting styles, meaning you won’t have to sacrifice your vision for the right specifications.

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