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What to Look for When Choosing Fresh Seafood in Charleston, SC

Fresh seafood and fish are not only expensive but also highly perishable. It’s important to buy the freshest seafood you can find for optimal flavor, but how do you know what to choose? Here are three qualities to look for when selecting fresh seafood from a grocery store or seafood market in Charleston, SC.

Salty Ocean Smell

Seafood is known for its pungent aromas, and smell is a great indicator of its freshness. Fresh fish should have a salty ocean smell. Pass on seafood that smells too sour or malodorous.

Fresh, Never Frozen

Many fish are frozen for a longer shelf life, but freezing and thawing alters their texture. Look for fish advertised as “fresh, never frozen” if you want the best-tasting seafood you can buy. Purchasing from a seafood market in Charleston, SC, or another coastal city is the best way to ensure that your fish is fresh off the boat.

Live Mollusks

Mollusks like clams and oysters are delicious, but expired mollusks can make you sick. Only living mollusks should be eaten, so make sure yours are alive by tapping on their shells. The shells of live mollusks close quickly, while dead ones move slowly or not at all.

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