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Where to Get a Steel Conveyor Roller in Arlington Heights Illinois?

A steel conveyor roller would prevent your assembly line from locking up during the day. As a result, you’d see a boost in your profitability since fewer stops would be throughout the week.

Steel Conveyor Roller

Dealing with corroded metal has been the bane of manufacturing plants forever. Yet, you don’t need to deal with corrosion if using a stainless steel model, and they’re not overpriced.

1000 Series Sleeve Bearings Conveyor Rollers

The designers made the 1000 series rollers so that you don’t need to put lube on them, even after they’ve aged. Since they use self-lubricating plastic resin, you can expect the bushings to last. They’ve been designed to work in powered and gravity settings, so they’re versatile.

2000 Series Conveyor Bearings

If you are running a plant that doesn’t use high-powered lines, you may consider the 2000 series. They work best in settings powered by gravity, or you could use them in a low-powered line if needed. Since they aren’t too pricy, you can replace the ones you’ve had with them and still save.

PVC Conveyor Roller

Sometimes, you may not need something made of steel to use on the line, especially if the price is a concern. Instead of upgrading your line with stainless steel equipment, try using a PVC roller. Since they’re not metal, they do not corrode, and that means you’ll have less maintenance on your hands.

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