Why Contractors Choose EPCO UL-Listed Fixture Whips

by | Oct 18, 2021 | Electronics and Electrical

What makes Engineered Products Company (EPCO) the leading American manufacturer of fixture whips? EPCO’s Fixture Whips provide excellent mechanical protection and cost effective, reliable, electrical installation in new and remodeled commercial and industrial buildings, shopping centers, hotels, and health care, educational and recreational facilities. Most noteworthy, the fixture whip is a legacy EPCO product designed to simplify connection to metallic junction boxes and lighting fixtures over traditional labor-intensive pipe and wire installation methods. All EPCO Fixture Whips are assembled in-house using UL-listed or UL-recognized components and factory inspected.

Permitted for use by all local building codes and approved by Inspectors across the U.S., EPCO’s Fixture Whips provide additional market-leading advantages:

• Product liability insurance as additional protection in the event of product defects
• Significant time reduction for connecting branch circuit power distribution and lighting systems
• Fixture whip accessory products available for expediting and facilitating installation
• Custom order Fixture Whips available to meet job requirements

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