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Why Farm-Based Grain Bins Are Important in Saskatchewan, Canada

There are many storage devices that are needed working on a farm. However, one of the most useful is grain bins that hold the grain beyond the time the harvest is over. There are many advantages to utilizing Meridian grain bins in Saskatchewan.


When grain is stored on the actual site of the farm, the farmer is in total control of when and where the grain is sold. When grain is stored offsite, there may be rules as to when the crop can be accessed due to building rules.

Market Carry

These days, farmers have to do more than just know how to farm, they must also know how to market their goods with the sensibility of a stockbroker. By storing the grain on the actual farm, they can take advantage of what is known as “carrying the market.” This means they can opt to sell the futures of the grain on the open market to investors.

Survive The Weather

When grain is stored in open containers, it is also left susceptible to damage and rot from being exposed to the weather. Covered Meridian grain bins in Saskatchewan mean that the crops can be stored all year long without fear of damage, which subsequently means that profits are maximized. This is great news for farmers who are already struggling with profit loss from crop devastation.

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