5 Tips on Keeping a Weed-Free Lawn

by | Nov 28, 2018 | Lawn Care

A lawn mowing service in Alpharetta should know how to take care of weed infestations, as well as associated problems like insect infestations and fungal invasions. A lawn service can help you keep a weed-free lawn in five steps.

General Inspection

A lawn mowing service in Alpharetta performs a general pest inspection of your lawn, with focus on signs of weed growth, fungal growth and other possible problems that are preventing your lawn from looking healthy. If the lawn mowing service does find weeds, don’t worry because a small number of weeds won’t do a lot of harm. In fact, it’s common for lawns to grow some unwanted plants.

Herbicide Application

There are various types of herbicides. A handful of them are appropriate for lawn application. A trained professional can safely apply herbicides in the correct quantity without harming your Bermuda grass and other plants in the vicinity. Herbicides aren’t to be used without caution. Leave its application to the professionals.

Proper Fertilizer Application

Ideally, the application of weed killers and fertilizers should be separate. Ask your lawn mowing service if they can do two sessions, one specifically for removing weeds and the second session for fertilizing healthy, desirable grass.

Removing Thatches

Dethatching is the process of removing the dark, organic debris found between grass growths. This debris can accumulate and create unwanted patches where weed and fungi can grow.


Overseeding is simply applying cool-season or warm-season grass seeds to bare patches of land.

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