Make Your Media More Accessible to Viewers With Our Closed Captioning Services

by | Nov 30, 2018 | Business

People who are hearing impaired rely upon video closed captioning services in order to understand what is being said by the actors in commercials, marketing videos and films. When the closed captioning services are left to untrained people, what is displayed on the screen often makes little sense. Worse yet, the information could be wrong or offensive to the readers. We take the time to ensure that all closed captioning services are done correctly and that the content is accurate, precise and properly stated.

We work with you in order to ensure that the meaning of what the actors say is properly conveyed in words. Because the tone and context of words and conversations are important, we want to make sure that the viewers of the media understand the difference between an excited “great” and a sarcastic “great.” Being able to convey the tone and context of the words allows your viewers to have a better understanding of your presentation.

Another common issue of closed captioning service is misspelling. When words are misspelled, the entire captioning service looks unprofessional. We strive to ensure 100 percent accuracy for grammar, spelling and punctuation. If you prefer to have slang left in the closed captioning in order to more accurately convey the context and tone of a conversation of the actors, we can also do that. Just let us know about your preferences, and we will follow them. We can also develop a closed-captioning script for you to distribute to your media viewers as you see fit to share.

When you are in need of video closed captioning services for your media, contact us at Chromavision. You may also learn more about our services by visiting us online at

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