6 Things to Know About Homeowners Insurance Ponte Vedra Beach

by | Apr 23, 2020 | Insurance Agency

While some people view homeowners insurance in Ponte Vedra Beach as too expensive it is both necessary and valuable because it protects the home from disaster. While nothing may happen, homeowner’s insurance gives the policyholder the reassurance of being covered when the unexpected occurs. Below are several tips to make the most of a homeowner’s policy.

Know the Home’s Value and Determine How Much Coverage is Needed

The customer’s first step in buying homeowner’s insurance is to determine the required level of coverage, which requires a valuation of the home. A homeowner should know the cost to replace the home or any damaged parts. If the numbers are unclear, a home builder or an appraiser can provide an accurate value.

Learn How to Save on Premiums

While multiple risk factors may increase the cost of coverage, other factors can help customers save. Certain features may be eligible for discounts, including:

     *     A home alarm system
     *     Deadbolts
     *     Upgraded electrical wiring
     *     The home’s proximity to fire and police departments
     *     An upgraded HVAC system
     *     Fire equipment such as sprinklers and alarms
     *     Properly maintained sidewalks, stairs, and driveways

Learn About the Risks That Determine Premiums

Homeowner’s insurance premiums are based on the insurer’s level of risk incurred in selling the policy to the customer. Factors such as local crime rates, the home’s proximity to busy highways and the homeowner’s lifestyle are all considered when the insurer calculates the monthly premium.

Keep an Inventory of Belongings and Prices

Homeowners Insurance in Ponte Vedra Beach covers the building and the customer’s belongings. Customers should list all belongings and retain receipts or take photos as items are purchased. Store this information in an online repository such as Dropbox or in an offsite location. Having a list can be a timesaver if something happens, and it can make the claim much easier.

Know What is Covered

Many homeowners do not understand their insurance coverage, and they may be shocked to find that certain things are not covered. It is important for customers to carefully read the policy and ask the agent to clarify anything about which they are unsure.

Do Not Wait Until Disaster Strikes

If a homeowner is unclear about his or her policy or they think that coverage may be lacking, they should call St. Johns Insurance Agency today. The team of licensed agents will be happy to review current coverage and to identify areas for improvement.

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