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2 Benefits Of Using A Plastic-Based Joint Filler System And The Experts In Texas Who Can Help

Concrete expansion joints are used to separate concrete slabs from one another. They are used to allow independent movement to help prevent cracks. They are normally placed between adjoining structural members or other parts of a structure. You may be looking down at your driveway or sidewalk and find that the fillers that are placed in between these expansion joints have become worn out or rotting. Today, we will discuss 2 benefits of using a plastic-based joint filler system instead of the standard wood filler system typically found in driveways or sidewalks of older homes.


In a world where the weather is becoming more unpredictable by the minute or even by the second, it is important to utilize a rugged and robust joint filler system for your driveway and/or sidewalks to prevent cracks. Cracks can lead to moisture building beneath the concrete which causes sinking or lifting. This can lead to major structural damage and degradation. Using a plastic-based filler system over a wooden filler system will help reduce maintenance costs as you will not have to routinely replace them as you would with wood-based fillers. Wood-based fillers have to be replaced often, as extreme and frequent weather conditions will quickly degrade wood.


Along with saving money, another benefit of a plastic-based joint filler system is its durability. As mentioned, wood-based fillers will need to be frequently replaced as they use natural material. A plastic-based joint filler system over a wood-based filler system will benefit you as plastic is more durable than wood and can last for several more years than that of wood.

Where To Buy

Perhaps you are now looking for a company that offers a durable plastic-based slab expansion joint filler system. Contact the Texas-based company, Trim-A-Slab. They offer their unique plastic-based joint filler system that is durable and easy to install. Their filler systems also come in different colors. So, when looking for a reliable and professional company that offers a plastic-based slab expansion joint filler system, they are the ones you should call. Visit our website today so you can save money and your driveway by using their durable product.