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Add Character to Your West Coast Property with a Metal Privacy Fence

Privacy fences have come a long way in their design and construction. They’re main goal has always been to restrict access and view to your property but in recent years they’ve evolved to add curb appeal and beauty.

Today’s options come in a variety of durable materials, and they are crafted to blend in with the style of your home flawlessly, whether it’s a contemporary or traditional style. Metal privacy fences are quickly becoming the top pick among many homeowners.

Getting Ready to Install your fences

When installing metal privacy fences there are a few key features you’ll want to make sure to take into consideration:


Selecting a material that is going to withstand the elements for years to come is extremely important during your decision process. Different materials have different levels of regular maintenance needed and do better in certain climates. Before installing your metal privacy gate, be sure to research which material will work best for you. The most common materials on the market today are aluminum, stainless steel and iron.

Out of these materials, aluminum is the premier choice. It’s extremely low maintenance, only needing an occasion wash with the hose, and is naturally resistant toward rain and extreme heats.


Privacy fences come in a wide range of designs, styles and colors. Depending on the goal you can design a gate that restricts all view from the street or simply limits the view to give a little extra privacy. When working with an experience company you can have your fences custom designed to perfectly match or enhance the current designs of your property.

Depending on the materials chosen, you can add glass inlays, varying size panels or bars, and intricate details to take your fence design to the next level. To find some inspiration for your upcoming project browse through Mulholland Brand’s inspiration gallery. This shows a small portion of the designs available, see something you like? All their products can be customized to fit your exact goals.


One of the best things about these metal fences is that they can be used together with other pieces for a cohesive look. Railings around patios and decks, pergolas, and gates can be created with the same materials and styles as the fence.

If you would like to enjoy the privacy a durable and beautiful fence can provide, consider the many benefits of a metal privacy fence.