Connecticut Solar Ground Mounts: Are they better than Roof Mount Racking?

by | May 19, 2020 | Solar Panels

There are two methods of mounting solar panels each with their own benefits over the other. You can choose between a ground mount solar energy system or a roof mount solar energy system. While most people end up choosing a roof mount racking system for its lower costs, solar ground mounts offer a range of benefits most never even consider.

Ground Mounted Solar Panels are Easier to Access

An obvious benefit of ground mount solar panels is simply that they’re easier to access. Easier access to your solar panel makes for easier repairs, maintenance, troubleshooting, and cleaning. This all comes into the lifelong costs of your solar energy system. With easier access, you reduce the costs of all repairs, troubleshooting, and maintenance you will eventually need to perform on your solar energy system.

It also helps your solar panels work more effectively since you can easily clean them anytime they get dirty. Any dirt on your solar panels will decrease the amount of sunlight they can convert into energy. So, while ground mounts might cost more initially, their overall lifespan costs can become comparable to roof mount racking.

You Can Perfectly Align Your Solar Panels for Optimal Efficiency

With a ground mount solar energy system, you can achieve perfect alignment to allow them to get as much sunlight as possible. This is simply not an option for roof mount solar panels as they can only face in the direction of your roof. Since ground mount solar panels can be perfectly aligned, they offer the most efficient method of mounting solar panels. The increased efficiency of ground mount solar panels is why all commercial solar farms almost always use ground mounts.

Some ground mounts can come equipped with an integrated tracking system that automatically adjusts your solar panels based on the season. This keeps the optimal alignment as the sun patterns shift to ensure peak efficiency at all times. These tracking systems can increase the efficiency of your solar installation by as much as 25%.

You Can Grow Your Solar Energy System as Your Energy Needs Change

A roof mount solar energy system makes the most out of the space available usually taking up the entirety of the roof to power an entire house. Sometimes, there is not even enough space to power your whole house so you’re still left paying some utilities. With a ground mount system, you can create as much power as you need and grow that system over time as your energy needs change.

You can also utilize this capability by starting with a smaller solar energy system to test how well it works in your area then grow it once you see the benefits. This allows you to spread out the costs of your overall solar energy system and take advantage of new developments in solar panels.

While ground mount solar energy systems generally cost more to install, they allow for some key capabilities that increase efficiencies and lower the lifetime cost of your system.

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