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The Importance Of Corrugated Boxes

Approximately 1,500 plants across South America manufacture corrugated cardboard. This versatile product is made into a variety of products including corrugated boxes. Boxes comprise a large component of the market. Whether produced in sheet plants or corrugator plants, corrugated cardboard boxes are a classic example of simple but versatile manufactured products.

Why Use Corrugated Cardboard?

Corrugated cardboard is a very versatile material. It is flexible in its usage. The cardboard is capable of being cut into a variety of shapes. It is a sturdy material – although it can be produced in different strengths. Corrugated cardboard is used to produce several common products. These include:

• Padding
• Packaging
• Dividers
• Boards
• Signage and display stands

However, the most common use of cardboard is for corrugated boxes.

Advantages of Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes in wholesale is commonly employed as a material for storage, moving and shipping boxes. It can also be part of a product display or create a colorful stand. Corrugated boxes are in common usage for many reasons. They are:

• Versatile: Cardboard can be cut into any shape allowing for the production of different grade, sizes and shapes in the boxes it produces.
• Inexpensive: Corrugated boxes are cheap. This places them within the range of start-up online businesses as well as small moving companies and the average person.
• Durable: Used for shipping, storage and moving, corrugated boxes can be stacked, tossed and moved with impunity by rail, truck, plane and any other form of transport.
• Printable: Cardboard boxes readily accept print. This makes them ideal for promoting a business. Every time a package is sent off, or stored on a shelf or even left on the curb or in a grocery bin, the name of the company and/or the product is there for everyone to read. A company can choose to print logos, graphics or simply the name of their company or product. Whatever they decide upon, cardboard provides the perfect surface for their promotional material.
• Recyclable: Cardboard boxes are more and more being produced from recycled materials. As such, they are part of a sustainable industry – one that uses few natural resources
• Biodegradable: Corrugated boxes are biodegradable. If left to their own devices or added to a compost pile, the corrugated cardboard boxes will eventually melt back into the earth.
• Is it any wonder that cardboard has become an accepted means of transporting and/or advertising goods and other items?

Corrugated Boxes: Versatile and More

The use of corrugated cardboard continues to be strong in several markets. As a means of transporting goods, cardboard boxes prove to be ideal. Corrugated boxes are light, come in a variety of sizes, readily accept print and images and are even cost-effective. Contact Express Packaging Inc to know more about corrugated boxes.