Considerations When Buying Commercial Hand Dryers

by | Oct 9, 2017 | Business

Although paper towels do dry hands, it is hard to dispute the fact they are far more expensive in the long run than commercial hand dryers and they are bad for the environment. When a business owner or property manager actually sits down and studies just how much money is spent annually on paper towels, and their disposal, the facts speak for themselves. Commercial hand dryers are better and cheaper.

Types of hand dryers:

There are three distinctly different hand dryers; the choice depends on a number of issues including anticipated usage, speed and cost. Regardless of which model is used, they are all well designed and made for commercial use.

  • Traditional hand dryers are the least expensive; the dry cycle starts by push button and stops by timer. These dryers are quite slow but are a very good choice for a small office or coffee shop.
  • High speed hand dryers are often found in busy restrooms where drying times are important to moving people along. These dryers do an excellent job and they do it in less than 15 seconds. High speed dryers, because they run for less time are also more energy efficient and operating costs are lower than traditional models.
  • Automatic hand dryers eliminate the need to touch the unit, they are ideal for environments where hygiene is of the utmost importance. When the user’s hands are placed in the dryer, they are sensed and the dryer turns on. When the user’s hands are taken away, the dryer turns off. These dryers are also energy efficient as they only run on demand and not a moment longer.


Just as the type of hand dryer is defined by certain attributes, so is purchasing the unit. Initial cost, speed of operation, power consumption, noise level and durability must be factored in when deciding which commercial hand dryers to install.

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