A guide to the best hand dryers

by | Oct 10, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance

Wherever there is a sink, there is a need for a hand drying solution. With the introduction of high spec HEPA filter hand dryers, the age-old argument of the paper towel industry is about dead. The best hand dryers are fast, hygienic and energy efficient and, there is no bacteria-laced waste to dispose of.

If your business provides the public with restrooms, you have to provide them with a way to dry their hands. Yes; paper towels are available but the best hand dryers are far more economical, and you are freed from having to keep your eye on the paper towel dispensers in case they run out; which they most certainly do.

There are a number of different types of hand dryers, very popular ones include:

  • Push button hand dryers: Push button hand dryers are practical for smaller facilities, they are the least expensive of all to purchase but do take a little more time to do their job effectively. All electric hand dryers save you money, on average they cost about 15 percent as much to operate when you take into account the never-ending need for disposable paper towels. The only ongoing cost to operate a hand dryer is electricity, which is negligible. The best push-button dryers have an adjustable rotating nozzle; this makes drying the face and hair convenient as well as the hands.
  • Automatic hand dryers: The installation of automatic hand dryers saves more money again, these units only run when they are in use. An automatic hand dryer does not use a button to turn it on; it uses a sensor. When a person places their hands under the outlet nozzle, the unit comes on; it shuts off when the hands are withdrawn. As there is no need to touch any part of the hand dryer this lessen the chance of transferring germs from one person to another.

Installing the best hand dryers in your public rest rooms eliminates the need for paper towels which saves you money across the board; no consumables to purchase and store and no trash to dispose of.

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