Don’t Lose Your Kids’ Stuff Anywhere in California Ever Again: Labels Help!

by | Feb 24, 2021 | Labels

How many times have you sent your children to school, to daycare, or to summer camp only to have them come home with missing articles of clothing? It’s maddening, right? Then there is the school’s handbook for parents that says in fine print, “Be sure to label all of your children’s clothing so that it doesn’t become lost or stolen.” Who has time to read the parent handbook for a child’s school? Yet, labeling your kids’ stuff is the only way it will ever come back to you when it doesn’t come home with your child. Rather than damage the clothing with a permanent marker or ink pen, try kids clothing labels instead. Here are three types of labels, and how they can help.

Cloth Labels That Easily Stitch Into Clothing and Easily Remove From Clothing

There are three different kinds of kids’ clothing labels. One is the sticker kind, but those really only work on things like shoes, belts, and backpacks. Then there is the zipper pull kind for jackets and mittens that have loops on the cuffs. The ones you want most are the stitch-in kind, which requires a couple of quick stitches on at least two sides of a label. They’re secure enough to recover lost clothing without being so secure that you can’t remove the labels later when you donate the clothes.

You Just Supply Your Child’s Name on the Order

Your child’s full name, first name, or initials can be embroidered into these stitch-in labels. If interested, contact Label Daddy at

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