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Durable and Unique Rooftop Accents Made With Quality Craftsmanship

Cupolas add an element of tradition and an accent of personal style to homes, sheds, barns, cottages, restaurants or gazebos. Custom designs made with quality craftsmanship are eye-catching and add to a structure’s value and its curb appeal.

Notable Rooftop Accents

A cupola can come in a range of sizes and designs according to custom specifications that uniquely enhance a rooftop or turret. Whether it’s sports, agriculture, maritime or aviation or a celebration of Americana and a spirit of patriotism, multiple options can match tastes or reflect a special interest or showcase style.

Features and Materials

Each cupola can be made according to specific size, style and material. An extensive variety of features and materials create limitless options. Features can include:

  • All-copper construction or copper roof caps
  • Cedar construction and cedar siding
  • Aluminum roofs and bases
  • Square or octagonal design
  • Multiple color combinations
  • Weathervanes, including finials and banners or seafaring, barnyard, wildlife or Americana motifs
  • Louvers
  • Windows
  • Arches
  • Crown molding

Cellular pvc-vinyl construction also holds up against all kinds of weather and presents a low-maintenance and enduring rooftop accent.

Beautiful Custom Designs

A family-owned business since 1976, offering over four decades of trusted service and a 100-percent money-back guarantee, will provide quality and affordable rooftop accents made with high-grade materials according to an outstanding level of craftsmanship. To learn more about models, sizes, materials and pricing, contact us.