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Duties of Property Management Waste Service

Property managers of any property, be it residential, offices, or retail, should ensure that they have reliable waste management services. The waste service provider should be able to deal with any waste from organic to inorganic. The waste management body should also check the amount of waste a particular property is producing and work towards reducing and properly managing it.

Property management waste services should include the following;

  • 24/7 customer service
  • Composition
  • Donating and recycling some wastes
  • Educating and training the occupants of the property about the importance of waste management
  • Recurrent removal of the waste and also on-demand removal
  • Carry out waste assessment

Key Areas to Focus On

  1. Engage Tenants and Stakeholders of the Building

Tenants are the leading waste generators in a property; therefore, engaging them regarding the waste services is the most important thing to do. If you do not engage them as required, they may not know what is required of them when it comes to the wastes. You should include some of the stakeholders in your waste management briefing to give them information about the plans and the changes you have regarding waste management.

  1. Understand the property you are managing.

The most important solution for property management waste service is understanding the property you are working with. Understand the features of the building and keep records; this will help you come up with a proper waste management plan. Identify the wastes produced, the ones that are more and the ones less. You should also note where the wastes are disposed of as they wait for collection.

  1. Optimize Waste Disposal Techniques

After you have evaluated and understood the waste management routes, it is time to optimize the available waste. Make sure there are recycling options in the building. Check the available recycling bins, the trash bins. Once everything is in place, the tenants must ensure that each waste goes into the right bin for proper disposal.

Conclusively, it is essential to understand the waste routes in a building and have a working plan through it. It is best to let the tenants know the importance of managing their waste to ensure that the environment is always clean and conducive Waste Control Incorporated.