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Tips to Matching Safety Barriers to Your Company’s Theme in the USA

The COVID-19 crisis has made public barriers a necessity. These guards do not have to detract from a business or restaurant. Specialty companies can customize the products to fit the theme of most stores.


If your business wants to maintain a luxurious feel while adding barriers, consider glass mixed with high-end metal supports to create separation without clutter. This setup works well in office and dining settings. The glass partitions can be placed on walkways so that visitors can move from one section to another without brushing past other guests.


If you have a western, outdoor, or rustic-themed eatery, custom sneeze guard posts can keep servers, guests, and food separated in style. These protective barriers can add to the ambiance of a restaurant. Because they are clear, waitstaff can see their tables and customers. It can make the dining arrangement cozy and private at a busy hub.


Manufacturers can design sneeze guard posts and dividers to look modern and cutting-edge. Materials that might match a nontraditional company’s decor are steel, aluminum, or brass. The barriers can be squared around corners or rounded to create flow, and designers can adjust the heights to meet your needs. Plexiglass can be framed from countertop to ceiling, or glass can be cut to head height.


Clear barriers let light in, but manufacturers can frost some of the transparent materials, which will still allow light while adding a sense of privacy. Designers can also etch custom artwork, logos, or phrases into the partitions. For more details on how sneeze guard posts and barriers can enhance your business, contact American Custom Sneeze Guards, LLC at