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Finding The Best Catholic Parish in Detroit

For Catholics all over the world, having a local parish to call home for their faith is a vital component of community living. The history of the Catholic faith has rich traditions and a wealth of religious fervor for Christ. For Catholics, the journey always begins and ends with Christ. No matter how big or small the parish is or where it is located, the very fiber of Catholicism is bringing Christ into the heart and homes of every worshipper.

The Catholic Life Journey

From the very beginnings of childhood, most Catholics live their lives connected to a parish that becomes an integral part of their faith journey for themselves and their families. As they grow up and branch out into the creation of a new extended family within marriage, the need for a parish is often renewed for yet another generation of the faithful.

The Vitality of the Urban Parish

In city communities, the need for a parish with strong roots can be particularly crucial as parishioners face multiple challenges in urban living. The good news is that most urban Catholic churches have been settled within a community for generations and are very familiar with the many intricacies of the cities where they are located. The familiarity for their urban community is at the heart of most Catholic parishes outreach and worship programs.

In cities such as Detroit, the need for a robust urban parish that has significant worship services for their parishioners as well as a wide array of opportunities for joining in other areas of worship, outreach, and musical celebrations is vital. If you are looking for a strong faith-filled parish, Old St. Marys Detroit has been embedded in the city since 1893, and the services daily mass, vigil mass on Saturday evening and three masses on Sunday and you can learn more about us at Sitename.